So marmeg & the digital agency met in a bar

There are some things in life that are just great. Everyone loves it, it's versatile and can create a little party all on its own. And sometimes you can add two individuals together that may seem like an unusual fit, but when you do you get fireworks. New Years Eve, kick-A*** fireworks that blow your mind.


Take Vegemite as an example. Who doesn't like Vegemite? This product continues to deliver decade after decade, saving the humble piece of bread from being dry and boring right across Australia.


Then there is cheese... Let's talk about cheese. What a champion of foods this little gem is. Goes with just about anything and also saves the boring old piece of bread. Now, when we take our cheese & Vegemite and combine these two individual rock stars into a sandwich of glory… well you know what happens. Magic, plain and simple magic.


And this is how we ended up with The Digital Agency & Marmeg. Both agencies were working away in its own little corner of the world when we thought "Hey, we should be on the same sandwich" We're good on our own, sure, but together we absolutely freakin rock.

So welcome to a new era for Marmeg Digital & The Digital Agency. It's going to get crazy kids. So sit back, strap in, and remember…

It's only weird the first time!