Plan, measure & execute your way to the next level.

Your business is unique. And whilst we work with businesses from all over the globe across a wide range of industries, there is no other business in the world like yours. So we don’t offer a “one size fits all” approach.

Your strategy will be developed off the back of a deep understanding of your business, customers and objectives. It will define who your target is and how we’ll connect with them in an authentic way.


We recently engaged Marmeg Digital to a complete end to end review of our six-figure annual marketing spend. Through a detailed analysis of each channel and the associated results, we were able to save around 40% of our marketing budget with no impact on our top-line sales.

What a great result!


— Anthony Straw, Guardian Vaults

Brand Strategy

Digital Strategy

Going beyond marketing, your digital strategy seeks to clear up all manner of strategic options. Selection of software, automation, and integration with business systems are just some of the critical outputs a robust digital strategy define.​

Marketing Strategy

Know who you are targeting via which channel and how you will track and measure success. There are so many options to reach prospects for business today, having a documented strategy will keep everyone on track and define success at every point.




Your brand is the DNA and beating heart of your business and should encapsulate your value. More than a logo or style guide, your brand strategy will guide every client touch point you have, both online and offline.