The Elephant In The Room

Let’s address the elephant in the room. You’re investing in multi-channel marketing and seeing good results, but do you know why? Do you really know which parts of your marketing is working and where you are flushing money down the drain?


At Marmeg, we’ll turn your good results to great results by getting back to basics. We want to understand the key steps in your customer journey and how best to measure these. Then we’ll setup simple analytics for you to see how each of your KPIs is tracking in real-time.


Once these pieces of the puzzle are put together, you will be able to see, with clarity, what is driving your growth. Independent of channel.



We recently engaged Marmeg Digital who took over our Digital Marketing and was able to improve a number of the account KPI’s considerably. Most significantly our CPC has reduced by nearly 50% and the bounce rate by 27%. They continue to focus on measurable results by providing us with a real-time performance dashboard for our business.


— Anthony Straw, CEO Guardian Australia

The Digital Score Board

Analytics Configuration



The first step in implementing any marketing strategy is to have a clear understanding of the current state of play. What are the unit based costs, expected lifetime value of a customer, and marginal costs for acquiring new customers? These are the baseline metrics that all future marketing endeavors will be measured and where there are KPI gaps, we'll identify these also.​

Having an advanced Analytics configuration for your marketing will shine a light on which parts of your marketing are, or are not working. An investment here can save your business a lot of wasted time and money and free you up to experiment with different channels. Why? Because no matter what you try, you will know how well it is working.​

Can you imagine being able to login to a platform, 24/7, and in real-time, see exactly how your marketing spend was performing? And we mean really performing - right down to the finest detail of how that 'one person went from browsing on Instagram to making an appointment with your Sales Manager and signing this weeks biggest contract'?


And what if all of your marketing results and data were integrated into your company financials, budgets, point of sale software or other booking channels so you were no longer just looking at your marketing performance in isolation, but holistically across your entire business. And you could access this anytime you wanted from your own Digital Scoreboard?


You don’t have to imagine. We build one of these for each of our clients. And yeah, we’re pretty proud of it.

KPI Analysis