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>370% Increase in traffic from Social Media.


Guardian’s marketing focus was entirely bottom of funnel. Leads either came from Paid or Organic search from those people ready to buy. They did have a company blog that was being outsourced for content however, the quality of the editorial was poor and damaging to the brand. Guardian wanted to connect with its audience in a way that would build their trust and authority. 




The Guardian Content Marketing solution was part of a larger marketing review. A complete review of their entire marketing strategy both online & offline was conducted to identify what was working, what wasn’t and what needed to change. Within the strategy, a detailed content marketing plan was drafted. It included weekly Gold Market commentary, Bi-weekly articles that focused on market needs, questions and concerns associated with secure storage and a social media marketing campaign to promote the high-quality editorial. 




Guardian Vaults


Given the complete re-tooling of the marketing there are many KPI’s that could be quoted, but here are the ones that matter.



370% Increase in site traffic from Social Media.


screenshot of Guardian Vaults website


We recently engaged Marmeg Digital to a complete end to end review of our marketing spend. Through a detailed analysis of each channel and the associated results, we decided to improve our content across multiple owned assets. We have been impressed by the quality and increased readership of our blog and market updates. 

— Anthony Straw, CEO Guardian Vaults