content marketing with purpose.

— Connect with 12x as many prospects

Genuine content that educates, entertains & inspires your audience. You become more that a service provider. You're the trusted advisor.

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big content for small business.

— High quality content made for small business

You understand the importance of great content in a modern marketing campaign but find it hard to implement. You are left choosing between high-end content agencies aimed at big business or the low-end Gig economy freelancers where everything is a bit, well...rubbish. 


Welcome to Content Cruise Control, where you as the small business owner can stand out in your market through top-notch agency content that is designed to meet your marketing objectives and budget. 

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+ Social Media Pages

Your fans and followers can be kept in the loop channel specific updates and promotion of your killer content. 

+ Paid Social Media

Expand your social reach with paid promotion of your content that builds trust with new prospects.

+ Bookmarking & Syndication

Syndication of your content across the best bookmarking sites boost traffic and authority of your content, website and brand.


+ Uploading to Business Websites

Once approved, we login to your website and publish your content. Formatted beautifully and QA checked so you don't need to give it a second thought.

+ Web 2.0 Assets & Other sites

Whether it's an unbranded blog or micro bookmarking site designed to deliver traffic, we can publish and promote on your behalf. 

+ Email Marketing & Automation

The often forgotten marketing asset of email can be taken care of with professional design and clever automation to drive leads and sales.

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+ Client Persona 

Before a single piece of content is produced we will want to get to know your audience intimately and capture this in a client persona.

+ Downloadable Assets & Pillar Content 

All content is designed with the next step in mind. This is often a link to a more in-depth content page and/or some lead generating asset. 

+ Editorial, Email, Graphic & Video Assets

All content is produced in-house and sent to your for input and approval before publishing or promotion.


+ Keyword & Market Research

What questions are your audience asking and which search terms will deliver the most value to your business.

+ Topic & Media Outline

The topics to be covered matched to media type and intention. Is it designed to build awareness, encourage leads or move people to sale.

+ 12 Month Content Calendar

A 12 month look ahead of what content will be published when. Tailored to your strategy and budget.

Content Marketing

just the essentials

12 month content plan + content delivered ready to publish 


Content is planned and produced. You will do the publishing.

First Gear

per month + content


Image Designing

end-to-end solution

12 month content plan + published for you + performance dashboard 


Content is produced and published on your website. You will promote.

Beach Cruising

per month + content


Web Designing

promote & scale

All the features of cruise control + Social Media & Web 2.0 promotion


Content is produced, published and promoted. Nothing left to do.

Open Road

per month + content


Content Marketing

Blog Posts/Articles

Editorial quality articles and blogs written by industry experts with images and illustrations included that jump out of the page.​

Content Marketing


Communicate complex processes or market statistics in easy to digest illustrations and watch your leads skyrocket.

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Promo Videos

A commercial quality video that reaches out to your audience, communicates your USP and expands your brands reach.

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Email Newsletters

Keep your customers and prospects engaged with email newsletters that look professional and designed to inspire action​.

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Automated Email Campaigns

Nurture your leads from inquiry through to sale with intelligent email automation that builds trust, answers questions and makes the sale easy.​

web designing and marketing agency

Animated Explainer Videos

A very effective way to promote your unique process or service end-to-end in 60 seconds. Entertain, educate and inspire.​

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