custom web application.

>multi-county localisation of content.


The team at Bike Beagle wanted to something truly unique. They wanted to develop a content site that would allow cyclist from all over the world compare bike prices and specifications and be able to connect with retailers in their local area. This would require local content delivery dependent on where the site user was located globally, and the team did not want multiple websites. It was an ambitious idea that would require some clever thinking and well thought out development to deliver on the brief.




The solution was to first map out all of the site processes and function as flow diagrams so that all the logic could be looked at holistically. Once this was finalised, the site was developed in a staging environment with Laravel code on a Pyro CMS. The complexity of the site meant that full site testing took around 4 weeks, but after which a completed fully working site was delivered.




Bike Beagle


It is early days yet for the team at Bike Beagle, but the site is now live and working in Australia, the USA and UK. 


screenshot of BikeBeagle website