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Hepburn Shire Council had four different tourism websites that were extremely outdated, hard to manage and expensive to maintain. Making matters worse the existing site design was so poor that site users couldn’t easily find the information needed to encourage visitation. With limited resources, Hepburn wanted a site that modern and visitor-focused that could be managed from a single site admin area.





The technical part of the solution is a single Wordpress site that is connected to 4 different domain names through some PHP wizardry we won't bore you with. For the user, it means they can browse seamlessly within the Shire for places to Eat, Stay, Play & Relax without being limited to a single town or village. The content is now completely visitor focused and even allows the user to save their personal preferences for their particular tastes.  For Hepburn Shire staff, they now have a modern web application that is easily managed from a single admin area and does not tie them to expensive hosting requirements.

Hepburn Shire Council


Hepburn staff now manage a single site in place of managing 4 separate sites. That's a 75% reduction in management overhead. 

Hosting costs have reduced from $700/month to less than $150 again saving ratepayers money.

But even more critical, site users love the new site with traffic growing steadily month on month. 


We had an idea of a tourism website that would help visitors plan their trip and connect people with local events, ideas and travel tips. The Digital Agency & Marmeg took our brief and then brought so much more to the table. They helped us understand what was possible which help us develop a site that we think will win awards. The Digital Agency became our trusted advisor and went above and beyond to deliver an outstanding website and user experience.

— Economic Development Team. Hepburn Shire

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