unit based analysis of KPI's
>slashing 40% off marketing spend


Guardian Vaults had a very healthy marketing budget. It was spread across Digital, Events, PR and Print Media. While Guardian was growing and a steady stream of inquiries were coming in each week, the executive team didn’t really know what was working. Which part of their marketing was driving results?





A complete end-to-end marketing review was undertaken. Marmeg mapped out all the marketing channels, budgets and where possible performance KPI’s. In some instances, we were also able to uncover some services that were not actually be delivered. A complete financial analysis of the company financials was also done to uncover unit-base performance metrics across their entire product range.

Guardian – Marketing Review​


A 30 page report was drafted that detailed the “current State of Play” This established the benchmarks that would be later used to determine success. Within the report there were a series of recommendations that touched each channel, budgets and performance metrics along with a simple implementation plan. Another key document to be created that formed one of the recommendations was a complete 90 day marketing strategy. The strategy outline in some detail how Guardian would Reach, Engage, Convert & Delight its prospects and customers, and importantly how success at every stage would be measured.

office computer with charts and tables


We recently engaged Marmeg Digital to a complete end to end review of our six-figure annual marketing spend. Through a detailed analysis of each channel and the associated results, we were able to save around 40% of our marketing budget with no impact on our top-line sales.

What a great result!


—  Anthony Straw, Guardian Vaults