Future Music – Ecommerce application​


Future Music last updated their website around 15 years ago. While the business had continued to grow into Australia’s premier School instrument supplier, their website needed a complete overhaul to support the business. A custom application was needed to support a very specific workflow related to the quoting process, as well as some very clever discounting modules that would allow teachers to provide a code to their students so that they could purchase their instruments individually, but part of a bulk order to be delivered to their school.





A WooCommerce platform was chosen with a relatively simple site front-end design. Site navigation was greatly simplified with staff now having the ability to upload the complete stock database via a CSV file import. The site content and ordering processes are customised depending on whether the user is a student or a school with schools now having the ability to build up a quote that can be submitted to Future Music admin for review and final price adjustments.

Ecommerce application​


It is still early days for the Future Music platform. The team at Marmeg are continuing to work with the staff to ensure we have developed the best School instrument supplier platform in Australia. Early results point to it being a success with the time needed to manage the stock and School orders cut by >50%

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Thanks to Marmeg we’ve seen a solid increase in online sales over the last couple of years that is more than 30% YoY. The ability to integrate directly with socials and blogs allows us to have complete control and continue to improve.

—  Tim Fogarty, Music Junction